Buck Gardner Double Nasty Mallard Duck Call Combo KIT-DNP

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This duck hunting call kit contains eveything you need to start to hunt those mallard ducks.

Buck Gardner is known for quality Duck & Goose Calls. In fact, his skills helped him win the "Champion of Champions" World Duck Calling Championship in 1995. Buck puts his passion into developing each part of the call from the form, tone board, and the quality.

Key Features:

  • Kit Includes: Double Nasty II Mallard Duck Call, Electronic Calling Coach, Straight Talk Calling CD, and the Fowlplay Series Duck hunting DVD
  • DOUBLE NASTY II MALLARD DUCK CALL: the easiest operating Short Reed Duck Call ever made. Double O-rings ensure a proper fit and a tight seal. From the loudest hail calls to the softest clucks and moans, this call will do it all with ease.
  • CALLING COACH: This handy electronic calling coach unit aids the hunter by audibly playing back the four most popular and effective calling sounds. This enables the hunter to listen to the cadence and length of notes, so that the caller can easily duplicate the calls himself/herself while practicing or in the field. Check local laws.
  • STRAIGHT TALK CD: This is Buck's ultimate duck calling instructional CD. This CD will teach you how to do all the different calls a hen mallard makes from quacks to hail calls and rolling feed calls to the sweet lay-down call that puts them on the water.
  • FOWLPLAY SERIES DVD: Jump in the truck with World Champion and Champion of Champions Duck Caller Buck Gardner and his Elite ProStaff as they hunt across the Fowl-Rich Plains of Canada, to the foothills of the Rockies, across the Flooded Timber of Arkansas and the Double Nasty river bottoms all around the USA. Learn unique tips and techniques from calling to set-up that will help increase your success. The FowlPlay Series hunting video is action packed with great hunts and exciting footage that you will not want to miss! Approximately 90 mins of shootin' em' in the lips action.
  • 100% Manufacturer Lifetime Guarantee
Model Number: KIT-DNP
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