Why Invest in Binocular Harnesses or a Bino Harness Strap for Hunting?

Posted by Travis on 01/24/2014

Does your neck hurt from carrying your binoculars while hunting or camping without a bino harness strap?

One of the most affordable ways to make life a little easier when you are big game hunting in the back country is a Binocular Harness/Caddy. These handy hunting accessories almost look like suspenders, however they help you to keep your binoculars close and comfortable so you can hike all day long and have instant access when you see that trophy deer or elk you have been looking for.

The majority of these binocular harnesses are made of stretchable neoprene straps that make for a snug, yet comfortable fit. Don’t worry guys, your hunting buddies won’t think you are wearing a “Bro”, especially when you get the bead on that monster whitetail or mule deer buck first.

The great thing about these binocular straps is that they are universal to fit most, if not all binos. They are easy to install and even better to use.

Check out some of the ones we carry in our online store at Here are just a few of our most popular ones from brands like Butler Creek, Allen Products, and Mossy Oak: