Survival Rule of Threes

Posted by Travis on 01/23/2014

Survival Rule of 3 – Simple Tips to Survive in the Wilderness

If you are ever caught in a survival situation you can follow a simple rule that will help you prioritize your decision making process so you can focus on what is most important to survive in an emergency situation.

I have seen it written a couple of different ways and heard it referenced by survival experts like Bear Grylls.

Survival Rule of Three’s

  1. You can survive three minutes without air
  2. You can survive three hours without shelter (Don’t know that I completely agree, but it is one of the first priorities in a survival situation)
  3. You can survive three days without water
  4. You can survive three weeks without food

Really the point of this is to give you a simple list of what is most important should you be lost out in the wilderness or outdoors. Many people might focus on food before thinking about shelter or water. As noted above, I don’t know that I agree with only three hours of shelter, however, I do agree with the placement of it.

I hope you find this as a good starting point for survival. Just remember that the best survival tool you have is “Your Head”! Stay sharp and determined. However, feel free to check out for great Survival and Emergency Gear.