Birchwood Casey 6" Shoot N C Targets B16 12 Pack 34512

Birchwood Casey

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Product Overview

6 Inch Shoot-N-C B16-12 - Birchwood Casey Targets

These 6 Inch B16-12 pack of splatter style Shoot-N-C Birchwood Casey targets make it easy to spot where you last shot your bullet while shooting on the range so you can sight in your gun, rifle, or pistol during target practice.

With six inches of surface, this is an ideal SHOOTING TARGET with fluorescent colors that is easy to see for long distance range shots.

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Key Features:

  • 12 Sheets (48 Pasters to Repair and extend Life)
  • Instant Feedback ShootNC Targets
  • Fluorescent Orange Bullseye with Yellow Accents
  • Maximum visibility
  • Perfect for all firearms and calibers
  • Great for indoor or outdoor range use and low-light conditions
  • Self-Adhesive
Model Number: 34512
UPC: 029057345124
Dimensions: 6 In. (15 cm) Diameter Round


(No reviews yet) Write a Review