Limbsaver Dead Center Micro Fiber Optic Shotgun Sight 12211

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Dead Center Micro Shotgun Sight Fiber Optic

Universal Shot Gun Sight

The Dead Center Micro Sight by Limbsaver has Fiber Optics that allow for Fast Trak Aiming on Targets like Clay Pigeons, Birds, and Turkey.

With a yellow and orange core, this gun sight uses a good combination of colors to make it easy to see in all light conditions. Will install on most sizes of venilated rib shotguns.

Key Features:

  • Yellow/Orange 0.078 Fiber Optic
  • Universal Fit: 6 mm, .25", 7.5 mm, 8 mm, 5/16", and 10 mm Ventilated Rib Shotgun
  • Low Profile Design
  • Fast Track Aiming
  • Magnetic Base
  • Less than 1 oz
Model Number: 12211
UPC: 697438122116
Dimensions: 2" x 5/6"

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