Surefire EarPro EP3 Sonic Defenders Ear Plugs

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EP3 Sonic Defenders - SMALL, MEDIUM, & LARGE Sizes

The Earpro EP3 Sonic Defenders by Surefire Ear Plugs are a low profile design that work well for shooting, race car and motor sports, and for operating heavy equipment.

The double flange design fit most people and offers superior sound and noise reduction. These earplugs really are state of the art in that they have allow regular noises and sounds through (Below 85dB), however block out any harmful sound waves (Above 85dB). Surefire makes high quality EAR PLUGS and Hearing Protection which are ideal noise reducers for SHOOTING SPORTS and other activities like working with loud machinery. The EarPro EP3 earpieces have a noise reduction rating 24 decibels (Scale 0 to 30). These ear pieces come in 3 different sizes Small, Medium, and Large which refer to the size of the Helix Bowl or Concha Bowl as shown in the pictures and video and are available in Natural or Black Color. The low profile design makes them easy to wear with a hat, helmet, or glasses and can easily be used with a cell phone or headet.

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Key Features:

  • Black or Clear Color
  • Double flange design fits most people
  • Allows normal conversations to be heard and pass through (With Stoppers Out)
  • Protects against loud and harmful noises or directs radio transmissions into ear canal
  • Ergonomic Shape and soft and durable polymer provide added comfort and flex to conform to your ear's shape
  • NRR 24dB with Stopper Plugs Inserted
  • Low Profile Design helps conseal that you are wearing them
Model Number: 25064, 25060, 25061, 31515, 31516, 31517
UPC: 084871250641, 084871250603, 084871250610, 084871315159, 084871315166, 084871315173
Dimensions: SM - Fits Concha Bowl less than to 1", MD - Fits Concha Bowl equal to 1", LG - Fits Concha Bowl greater than 1"

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