Shimano IX/SRS Spinning Rod Reel Combo

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Shimano Fishing Spin Rod Reel Combo IX1000/SRS56, IX2000/SRS60, or IX4000/SRS66

The Shimano IX/SRS Combos are available in an Ultralight, Medium, or Medium Heavy Fishing Rod and come with different sizes of Spinning Reels to catch any kind or size of fish.

Key Features:

  • Combo - Rod & Reel
  • Sizes: (Reel/Rod) Small/Ultralight, Medium/Medium, or Large/Medium Heavy
  • Reel: IX Series SM, MD, or LG made from Graphite, Quick Fire II Technology, and Rear Drag that works with different line weights and types incluiding mono, fluoro, and braid.
  • Rod: SRS Series in 5'6" Ultralight, 6' Medium, or 6'6" Medium Heavy Power
  • Works for Freshwater or Saltwater Fishing
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